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Exec Consulting Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in information security and related areas. We provide management resources, consulting services, and the high level of execution necessary to ensure your information security program is effective and optimized for your business needs.

These days there's nothing more important than ensuring that your customer, team member, and company information is both secure and private. We're here to help.



Information security is at the forefront of business as companies operate in progressively more complex and regulated information and technology environments, and customers demand the security and privacy of their personal information. Compliance with multiple information security laws, regulations, common practices and industry standards is a must for many, while large scale data breaches continue to become more prevalent in the media.

What data do you have? Why do you have it? Where is it today? Where is it going? Who has access to it? Is it secure? These are questions that every company should be answering. In addition, the recent push to cloud and mobile technologies has put a greater spotlight on information security and privacy. In order for companies to learn, grow, mature, and be successful in these ever-changing environments, there is a need to develop robust, enterprise-wide information security programs and we can help you.



Program Management, Project Management, Task Management, Team Management. These are all requirements in order to turn disjointed functions into true information security capabilities. Our staff has the experience, knowledge, know-how, and management skills to help take you from tasks and functions to capabilities and programs.



Hence the name Exec (i.e. Execution) Consulting. We get things done, plain and simple. Not only can we provide management and leadership skills, we also know how to get our hands dirty and drive change through execution. Our high quality deliverables and ability to meet timelines provides value to you, our client.


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